About Us

We believe in empowering others to be
architects of their own success.

Our Founding Story

GEX Global was founded by Dr Patrick Liew, a self-made entrepreneur, business leader and property investor. Dr Liew had humble beginnings and built his own fortune through determination and business acumen. Today, GEX aims to be that helping hand and guiding light for individuals and businesses looking to grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Our Mission and Vision

Building a #WorldOfGood

Our vision is to create a #WorldOfGood by leveraging effective entrepreneurship and investments to build wealth.

Leading the Change

We dare to dream big and push ourselves to stretch our vision farther beyond the horizon.

Empowering Businesses & Individuals

We inspire businesses and individuals to be the architects of their own future, enabling them to build wealth sustainably through entrepreneurship and investment.

Creating Wealth, Impacting Lives

Through our work empowering others, we inspire them to build a better future not just for themselves but also for those in their community.

Key Leaders

Building a #WorldOfGood

At GEX, we hold the unshakeable belief that everyone can and should make a difference.

Our Impact



elderly and needy families



students with life skills to succeed at work



migrant workers with their physical, mental, emotional and vocational needs