Category: Key Leaders

Elizabeth Liew

Growing up in a family of real estate entrepreneurs and working in the property industry since the age of 15 crystallised in Elizabeth a deep-seated appreciation for the power of entrepreneurship and investment as a tool to alter financial destinies.   She credits her early experience and global exposure for her eclectic expertise in assisting… Continue reading Elizabeth Liew

Jesscy Chua

With a background in finance and real estate, Jesscy is a sought-after expert in international real estate portfolio development, market research and analysis, and investor relations. Her international consultation work has taken her to Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Greater South Pacific region where she has managed high-level residential, commercial and industrial real estate… Continue reading Jesscy Chua

Chong Kim Siong

Kim Siong is a 20-year veteran and specialist in Information Technology and IT-enabled productivity, He is passionate about tapping on the latest tech developments to provide tools and solutions to the workforce. He has managed the digital network for a public listed company, and has provided digital support and services to entrepreneurs. He was involved… Continue reading Chong Kim Siong

Tom Chang

Tom has successfully directed marketing, customer acquisition and content development strategies that have achieved 7-figure revenues for one of the fastest growing, multi-award-winning companies in Singapore. As a certified digital marketing trainer and practitioner, Tom is passionate in helping both GEX internal and external clientele build and develop marketing capabilities that align with the digital… Continue reading Tom Chang

Sharon Koh

Ms Sharon Koh is a director of GEX Global Group Pte Ltd. Sharon started her career as a pioneering female Air Force officer. Today, she applies the same dedication and discipline as a veteran of the property industry. Sharon’s passion is helping other investors achieve similar success and attain financial freedom. Her experience in real… Continue reading Sharon Koh

Dr. Jong Hee Sen

Dr. Jong Hee Sen serves as Advisor and Chief Global Markets of GEX Global Group. He has held leadership and top management positions in education, technology and international investment management. After lecturing at the National University of Singapore’s Computer Science Department, Hee Sen joined the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC). At GIC, Hee Sen… Continue reading Dr. Jong Hee Sen

Dr. Patrick Liew

Dr. Patrick Liew is the founder of GEX Global Group Pte Ltd. He is an international property investment, development, syndication and management expert. Dr. Liew was the CEO of two different companies that were eventually listed in Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and Singapore Exchange (SGX). Dr. Patrick Liew was previously the regional director of a… Continue reading Dr. Patrick Liew